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After more than 2 years - Still looking for the reason why my Broadband speed dropped

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Secret messages and special codes..........


Dunno if this is relevant ?????


Providers must also supply, upon request, the 

Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed (MGALS)

for your line (this reflects the slowest 10% of similar users). The MGALS level is important because ISPs that fail to resolve any significant speed problems (i.e. if your speed stays below the MGALS level) must offer customers the right to downgrade or exit their contract (penalty free).


* Providers must now show the line’s MGALS download speed before sale (at present you only receive the MGALS figure upon request).

* Providers will be given 1 month to resolve a problem where the speed falls below the MGALS level and if they fail then the customer must be allowed to exit their contract, penalty free.



So I think it is what speed was given/quoted at contract commencement.


It don't solve the technical problem, but there are other BB ISP's out there.

I know nothing about BroadBand, but that does not stop me trying, and I am trying.
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Thanks for that info.


When we originally signed with talktalk years ago our minimum guaranteed speed was 49 mb/s and the actual speed was around 59 mb/s. This was back when we had to connect talktalk routers to Open reach modems.


Seems like all our trouble started a few years back when we stopped using the Open reach modem.



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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've re-run the line test now which is clear and the sync speed also looks very consistent. The throughput speeds are usually around 80% of the sync speed. When your speeds are varying and dropping low are you running the speed tests wired or wireless?




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Hi, Speed went back up from 30 to 35 mbps since last post.


I've always checked speed on both wired and wireless. Wired is 35 mbs and wireless is 24.7 mbps.


Clearly Talktalk is forcing me down because I was getting 41 mbps before I even cancelled the Fibre boost so I should still get 39 mbps.

Whizz Kid

Also why are we getting only 80% of the synced speed ? This explains why the previous engineer said the line speed was 54mpbs yet the actual download speed from the router to pc at the time was 40-43 which is around 80% of 54.


Why 20% loss ? this means that when you previously said our sync speed was 40mbps, the actual download speed is 32 mbps. 


How can you therefore guarantee 36 mbps as per the contract. Never the less, no one has answered as to why we joined Talktalk a few years ago and got 59 mbps actual download speed and then subsequently dropped in intervals down to 40 after renewing.