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Allocation Of Static IP Addresses

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I’m considering whether there would be any advantage to allocating a Static IP Address to my Music Streamer, I have the Hub on latest firmware.


I’ve found this very useful “how to” by @KeithFrench but have a few questions.




Firstly, what is the benefit(s) of having a static IP, especially for the specific device.


With regards to allocating the Address, why can’t you just use the devices current “automatically” given Address instead of giving it a “new” one that requires the device to reboot, in other words just turn the automatically given IP in to a Static one!


If you have to give the device a “new” Address before the Static process will work, how do you decide on what Address to give, do you start as low down as possible or do you select something higher up the available range, I assume you don’t select anything that has already been automatically allocated to other devices.


Thanks in advance, and sorry if these are basic questions, but I’m on a bit of a learning curve at the moment.

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Hi @SiHancox 


To answer your questions:-


  1. Benefits of a static IP address - obviously the IP address does not change. This is only really a benefit if you want to access this device from another one, i.e. you know what its IP address is. It is essential though when using port forwarding. There can be a disadvantage as well, if you configure the static IP address on the device itself, there is the possibility of getting it wrong.
  2. You can just turn the automatically given IP in to a Static one!
  3. Choice of what IP address to allocate - that is up to you.

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Thanks again, much appreciated.

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