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Am I being throttled?

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every time i download , i have trouble accessing sites to browse.

i cant even run a speed test whilst the download is in progress( sorry server can't be found )

so i upgraded to faster fibre , my download speed has risen from 11meg to 24 meg.

this upgrade has obviously cost me more per month yet the problem still persists.

until a download is complete my laptop is virtually useless.

i have been with talktalk for 10years & think i'm being taken for a ride.

i explained this to someone on live chat before i made the upgrade & was promised an upgrade would solve the problem ( it has not )

also where is my promised average speed of 35meg, all i get at best is 24meg.

i only went live with faster fibre on 14 june, i hope this also improves.


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Hi Greg no to throttling not Talktalk policy. Are your devices connected WiFi or wired when the issue occurs?

Have you rebooted your router recently?

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
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Hi greg55,


I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy with your service. I've run a line test, it passed and your sync speed is 40Mbps. Do you experience the problem when you download from one specific location?


As Divsec has asked, are your devices connected to the router by Ethernet cable or wifi?





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upgraded last week to faster fibre with promise of average 35 meg speed.

one week later i ran talktalk speed test , i'm getting 18meg.

just spent 1 hour on phone to talktalk & was then cut off.

what am i paying for 

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Are these just speed test figures or the router's downstream line rates?


How do you connect wireless, wired, or a mixture? If a mixture is a wired connection better than wireless?


It is important to see what your line is actually capable of and what your current download speed is.


To help diagnose this issue, please can you log on to your router, by opening a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome etc) and then enter this address in the address bar:-

enter the credentials:-

username: admin
password: admin        (unless you have set your own password).


If you use the HG633 & DSL-3782 or the TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub, they have their own unique password, which can be found at the top of the label on the rear of the router. It is the one labelled "router" or "admin" password, not the wireless one.

Then go to your ADSL or DSL summary page & paste the stats in this thread.


On the HG633 this is at:-


Maintain > System Information & expand Broadband Information

On the DSL-3782 go to the home page & copy the stats from the DSL & IPv4 pages.

If you have the new TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub this can be seen via:-


Dashboard > See internet settings > Manage Advanced settings > TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub


Click on the General tab then scroll down to the page to the xDSL section & copy & paste them into your reply.


Next can you also go to this speed checker (it is useful to have speed test figures taken at the same time as gathering the router's statistics):-

Alternatively use:-

Do this on both wireless & wired (if you have wired), but with never more than one device connected at a time.

Please can you paste the results here?


I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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upgraded 14th june to faster fibre 

promised average speeds of 35 meg.

just ran talktalk speed test , getting 15meg.

i an being ripped off.

phoned up & after 1hour of conversation i was cut off.

what the hell am i paying talktalk for

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Hi Greg back again, I think @OCE_Karl is still awaiting a response to your earlier posts. Unfortunately the team here work office hours and unless you get lucky the chances of a n answer, before Monday are bleak.

Anyway I've flagged your post for assistance. With your router in sync at 40mb your issues are likely your side of the router rather than the Talktalk side.


I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
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Looks like the same, or similar problem I am having. Fibre runs fast then gets slower and slower. Good question. What are we paying for?
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i got so angry earlier that i terminated my contract after 10 years with this bunch .

wife came home & told me to get re-connected or else.

here's why.

upgraded 14 june to faster fibre with the promise of 35 meg average.

after running various speed tests today that range from 11- 18 meg i contacted the dreaded tech dept .in downtown wherever.

first conversation was disconnected after 25mins.

second conversation got to 45 mins with nothing achieved.

as i said earlier i cancelled my termination as i was offered the deal i was on a few quid cheaper.

my speed is still approx 18meg which had better improve.

will i live to regret my decision ( we have yet to see )

i'm afraid these nice techs in the land of far far away are absolutely useless

can someone in good old blighty sort this out.

Wizz Kid

I was promised the earth regarding speed when I recently renewed, my fibre speed was going to be up to 35ish and with the boost up to 70+. I knew my line can get 18mbps max, nothing is going to get me 35 or 70, but they tried to sell sell sell. You will get what your bit of copper cable will give you

, but good luck anyway. On standard Internet I was getting 6mbps now with normal fibre its 13 so for £19.95 a month, for the next 18bmonths and a new WiFi hub I haven't yet fitted at least its going the right way. 

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@greg55  You are causing some confusion here by starting multiple topics on this issue, I have merged them together. If you can start answering some of the questions that have been asked about your connection then that may help. Stick to this thread from now on please.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi greg55


I'm sorry to hear this.


Your line is showing in sync at 40mb.


Please can you power down your router for a full 30 minutes and then run a wired speed test following this?





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hi, thanks for your reply.

i have since upgraded to faster fibre.

it is lots better than before.

a wired test showed a cracking 38meg.

when i returned to wireless & after changing router channels i get 24-25meg.

i'm currently looking at the option of powerline adapters.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi greg55,


Thanks for the update. Have you tried separating the SSID's?


Split your router's SSID (wireless network name)




First Timer

I'm definitely being throttled, for the last 4 weeks multiple speed test ahow nothing over 2.0 Mb/sec down and 9.1 Mb/sec up. I've been a TalkTalk / Tiscali customer for 15+ years and enjoyed 30+ Mb/sec for yonks.


New fibre hub installed, no change, now I'm getting fobbed off with no one available with live chat and the last excuse was a mysterious "system upgrade" in progress.


I will be switching to Plusnet at the weekend 12 months before end of contract.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Sparkythenoo,


I'm sorry to hear this. Please can you create your own thread and we can look into this further for you.





Sorry to hijack this thread but I am having the same issue.

1.5 weeks ago I noticed my speed had dropped from the 40mb I am supposed to be getting down to 6mb.

Contacted support and they said my router had failed and they sent me a replacement. Plugged the replacement in no difference. Contacted support again they did something on their end and told me to wait 24hrs and come back to them if still a problem. Waited 24hrs and my speed had dropped to 4.7mb. Contacted support again they did something again and told me to wait another 24hrs. 24hrs later my speed had dropped to 4.2mb.

Contacted support and they escalated the issue to a manager told me to wait upto 5 days for them to contact me over the issue. Currently its the start of day 5 and still no contact.

Plus to make things worse my internet disconnected on it's own around 3am this morning and when it came back.... now down to max speed of 3.8mb. It's quite clear that talktalk are the ones deliberately slowing down my internet speed as they are doing things to my access speed on their end.

My official complaint number is 1-000006-128359-0 if I don't hear back from talktalk manager today I will have to start looking into logging an official complaint via Ofcom, also since 01/04/19 I am legally entitled to compensation of £8/day after the 1st 2 days of failed service which is already at 10 days!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi pcb755,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your service. Can you start your own thread and we'll be happy to look into this for you


Can you also please update your community profile to include your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Alternative contact number

Please do not post this information on this thread 



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i'm getting an average of 25 meg at my laptop after upgrading to faster fibre.

i have to work wireless due to layout of master socket etc.

will powerline adapters make a significant difference

even this will involve running a cable from the nearest socket to the router.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi greg55,


Your current sync speed is 40 Mbps, what sort of speeds do you get if you temporarily connect by Ethernet cable?