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Asus DSL-AC68U talktalk fibre

Chat Champion

I hope so, had trouble with both a Netgear and the Asus on my line. 


The TT hub for some reason keeps rebooting randomly also, logs weren't much help. Currently been running for a 1.5 days without rebooting though.  The only router that seemed to work OK was the HG633 although it was having WIFI issues. 


Also @Ultrabenosaurus when I was having connection issues I ended up downloading the firmware update manually and installing it myself which then allowed connection. I had version Version from the following link:





First Timer

I already did a manual update to the latest ASUS firmware, the one you mentioned, and still no joy so I tried the ASUSWRT-Merlin thing but the update wouldn't install at all. My TT hub doesn't reboot automatically but every 2-3 weeks the speed drops to about a quarter and I then have to manually reboot to get it back up, and the WiFi is only just powerful enough to reach my whole house so in my bedroom and living room my devices sometimes drop the connection which is very frustrating.

I have now opened a return for my DSL-AC68U as I've spent two evenings and half of my waking Saturday failing to get it to connect. Luckily I bought from Curry's on eBay so the process is smooth and I'm pretty much guaranteed a full refund. Once the refund is done I'm thinking to try the TP-LINK Archer VR2800, but if that doesn't work either I'll have to see if I can't argue a new TT hub for free.

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Ah OK, sorry I missed that bit. The ASUSWRT-Merlin firmware I don't think supports the DSL side anyway so wouldn't be any good on the DSL routers. 


I've heard good reviews on the TP link, altough I had issues with the VR400 dropping out but I think its due to my long line (over 1km from cab) rather than the router. Seems I have to be very specific with the chipset hence the Zyxel VMG8924-B10A. I've got a Meraki AP that I can pair it to for better WIFI coverage.