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Attention OCE - Please turn off wifi optimization on my line - Thanks

First Timer


I believe an OCE can help with this request to turn off wifi optimization. I have the latest router Sagemcom Fast 5364 with latest firmware and I would like to request the disabling of wifi optimization on my line.


I have a wifi analyser and I would like to set my 2.4 and 5Ghz channels myself but find that these channels are being changed under the covers. It appears I need to request the wifi optimization to be turned off. Occasionally getting random wifi dropouts - these are quite rare and I can usually reconnect after a minute or so. However with previous HG633 router, I had zero wifi dropouts. By searching the forum the wifi optimization could be the cause.


Hope you can help!


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi ukmark62


Apologies for the delay.


This has now been switched off, please let us know how the connection compares following this.





First Timer

Thanks Debbie!


I'll keep you posted - thanks again!

Community Team - TT Staff
First Timer

Things are looking good - it would appear that turning off wifi optimization has done the job.


PS Just a thought - I can appreciate wifi optimization being used if the channels are left at "auto". However, if the channel is set to a specific number, then wifi optimization should be disabled and not utilized. I would think that a firmware change could remedy this.


Either that or have the option to optimize wifi in the gui.


Thanks again for the support!