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Awful internet service


I have moved over from Virgin Broadband and was promised higher speeds than I was getting.  I am really regretting this move.  I am used to listening to music or watching TV shows over the internet on my PS4 whilst drawing digitally on my laptop and using the internet with several tabs open.  I never gave it a second thought and everything worked wonderfully whilst I was with Virgin to the point I took this all for granted.  Now, having moved over to TalkTalk, as soon as I even open my laptop, whatever music I'm listening to on my PS4 or TV show I'm watching, it immediately starts buffering and then usually stops with an error message DESPITE ME EVEN USING AN ETHERNET CABLE FOR A WIRED CONNECTION TO MY PS4.  I can't send my artwork between my phone and my laptop as I usually do over the internet (dropbox/email) and uploading videos of my creation process is taking a ridiculous amount of time.  And I of course can't access anything else on the internet/ watch TV shows/listen to music whilst videos are uploading.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I am going to give TalkTalk another week, up until Thursday 16 July, to resolve these issues and if I continue to be unable to use wifi simultaneously on multiple devices - as should be STANDARD for any ISP, I am cancelling my contract and moving back to Virgin as I will be well within the 30 day cool off period.  In addition, the overseas call centre/ online chat experience with TalkTalk is a vastly different experience I have with Virgin with whom I have the personal phone number of a local manager.  I'm feeling like such an idiot for ever leaving Virgin.  I work full time for the NHS and am trying desperately with all my free time to fulfill my dream of becoming a freelance artist.  It is hard enough trying to do this without having to battle a ridiculously bad internet service.


@cerimims hi i can say we can help but u will find as from vm all other isp do not work on their own network they work on each over and things do not work all the time


fibre can take around 14 days to find a stable profile.


can i ask what the speed ur where told when joining and what the speeds are now u are live.


please if u can run a speed test on talktalk speed site as it will log it on ur account for the staff to see also best to do a wired one if u can and do not use wireless devices while doing IT


ur info u have given in not full clear if u can be a bit more simple with the info so we can have a clear understanding of the issue that would be good going forward.


as it can be also down to a set up in ur home that can cause a issue with ur speed on some cases


the staff on here will pick ur topic up in a few days and reply once they have done some test and checks.


please make sure ur profile is finished so they can help when get to ur topic


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To save yourself time, please make sure that your community profile includes your first & last names, broadband phone number & if possible an alternative contact number. This can be done by clicking on your Avatar picture then click on "My Settings" followed by:- Personal Profile > Personal Information

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please do not post any personal info on here as full public 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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In response to your points:


I am allowing 14 days from my go live for this so called 'stability' to be found, hence me staying with TalkTalk until Thursday 16 July.  If I am still experiencing the same issues I will be going back to Virgin.


Further, I do not understand why ANY ISP requires 14 days to meet basic requirements i.e. so that their customers can have multiple devices using the internet simultaneously.  When I moved into this flat and joined Virgin I had fast broadband immediately, where I could use 3-4 devices simultaneously without any drop in wifi function in any - there was no period for finding 'stability'.  


I was guaranteed a minimum speed of 71.2Mb and this was the sole reason I decided to end my contract with Virgin, despite being offered a great deal before I left.   I've just done a test and my current download speed is 19.1Mb and upload 0.9Mbs.


I could hardly understand what you meant but I think you are saying in my original post I was unclear about what the issue is.  I will try to be clearer. 

  • When I was with Virgin Media I could watch TV programmes/ movies via the internet on my Playstation 4 at the same time as using the internet on my laptop and/ or phone with multiple internet browser tabs or apps open.
  • I was also able to upload artwork/videos on my laptop at the same time as watching movies/TV programmes on my Playstation 4.
  • I was also able to browse social media on my phone whilst having TV programmes/music/movies streaming on my Playstation 4.
  • Since the switchover to TalkTalk I can no longer use multiple devices that require wifi/the internet.  I can only use one device at at time.  When I try to use more than one device the internet is very slow on all of them and causes whatever I'm streaming to stop playing, start buffering and then eventually crash/come up with an error message. 
  • This means I can no longer use the internet to stream movies/music/TV programmes on my Playstation 4 at the same time as browsing the internet and/or using apps on my laptop and/or phone. When I with Virgin I often used all three devices (phone, laptop and Playstation 4) at once, all using the wifi, and did not experience any slowness or buffering/crashing.

You have suggested I use a wired connection.  I already wrote in my original post, in capital letters, that I am using a wired connection on my Playstation 4.  This has made no difference.  I did not have to use a wired connection when I was with Virgin to download/stream anything on my Playstation 4. 


I have followed all the instructions about where to place my router - it is facing out into the room and it is literally 10cm away from my laptop and at the most, 2metres away from me whilst I am on the sofa on my phone.  


It is nothing to do with my set up in my home if I did not have these problems with Virgin.  


I have already set up my personal details on my profile.  


I would be grateful if any further responses could be received from TalkTalk employees only.  




Community Star

@cerimims The support team here will check your connection and advise further, it may not be before Monday now, but do give them a chance.


You are not comparing like for like.


Virgin is cable to the property and you will get the full advertised speed.


TT is over a crappy old phone line that was designed only for a voice service and is now trying to cope with frequencies it was never designed to handle.


Speed is dependent on line length, from the exchange on ADSL and the cabinet on fibre.


Line quality and stability is constantly under review by the line management system.


What is your minimum guaranteed speed as per your contract ?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi cerimims


I'm really sorry for the delay.


I've checked the connection stats and it appears that the router is switched off. Is the router switched off at the moment?






No, my router was on all day and I was actually working from home.  It was frustrating that my connection kept cutting out, making working very difficult.  


The differences between the companies' technology is irrelevant.  As a business if you advertise a product this should be deliverable.  


I've already answered your question about minimum guaranteed speed.


Thank you for checking this out and I have just received a message that I will be getting £25 off my next bill, which really helps things.  In addition, I think the service does seem to slowly be improving however I would be grateful if I could have a stable enough connection so that I am able to work from home without interruption.  


I appreciate all your help with this matter and I will be a little more patient.


Kind regards,



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi ceri,


Thanks for confirming and I'm sorry to hear this. I've re-run the line test now which is still showing that the router looks to be switched off? Do you have an alternative router that you can connect? If not then we can send one for testing purposes? Do you also have a dial tone?





I am not ever going to switch off my router, it is on constantly.  I don't understand why it is shown as being 'off' at your end. 


I don't actually have a home phone connected (I have no need for this) and I don't have another router to run tests, however I am pleased to report however that my service is MUCH better and I'm glad I was patient before switching back to Virgin.  Hopefully this good service will continue and I won't need to worry about it any more.  


Thanks again everyone for all your help (and patience with me).  I'll be in touch if my internet service starts becoming problematic again, which hopefully won't happen.


I'd like to say thank you again as well for the money off my first bill, it really means a lot.



Community Team - TT Staff

Glad to hear that there's been an improvement, just let us know if you experience any further problems