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First Timer

I'm trying to cancel my account because I have no income at the moment.i have phoned 03451720046 but it says the extension I need to cancel is closed.

My contract will renew itself on Sunday any help would be appreciated

Community Star

The cancellation number is only open Monday-Friday at the moment, @ Paula. You would need to ask for the LOYALTY team,  and keep saying you want to cancel.


Only open 10am-6pm.


You need to give 30 days notice for cancelling normally, unless within a 20 day cooling off period. 


Had you actually set up a renewal of contract or is it just that the current one is finishing? If the latter, you will move on to the rolling full price rate per month, but there won't be early termination fees if you leave.


If you need help from TT staff,  please complete your community forum profile details.  Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard; save any changes. 


It can take staff several days to reach new threads. Not many of them work weekends, so I am afraid it will probably be unlikely that you would get a reply in time.