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Cannot Connect to Fortnite With TalkTalk Fibre

Team Player

Good evening everyone.


I have been having a few issues this afternoon logging into the Fortnite game (via the epic games launcher) on the PC.


It was working fine this morning but all of a sudden, it doesn't want to connect.  I keep getting an error saying page time out and internet connection issues.


I've rebooted the PC and Router several times to no avail and tried a VPN connection to a server in the UK and in the US which works perfectly. 


This leads me to say that the problem is TalkTalk servers not communicating with Epic Games.


I have had a painful hour or so on live chat which went around in circles as I fear that I am more technically minded than the person that I was speaking with.


The VPN solution rules out the Epic server as well as router and hardware issues at my end and points to throttling or port forwarding problems on the TT network.


We have the latest WiFi Hub and the PC is on a wired Cat 6 connection. Every other site works perfectly, its just the Epic games login servers that I cannot connect to.


Is anyone else having a problem with Fortnite and TalkTalk at the moment because it just won't work here and its not practical to play via a VPN.

First Timer

I am having the same problem on Xbox one S, PS4 and iPhone x

They all login fine when I use my phone as a hotspot but when I use TalkTalk it won’t login leading me to believe it’s a TalkTalk issue.

Just spent 30 mins on the phone to TalkTalk technical support and they said to call the game.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi CookieUnicorn85,


I'm sorry for the delay. Are you still experiencing this issue at the moment?