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Need help?

Cannot connect more than 4 items to wifi (internet, the internal network work fine)


It is a nightmare.

If I connect over 4 or 5 (sometimes less) things to my wifi, the others show connection to my network but no internet. I can transfer files between computers, watch videos from the NAS or use all my printers. 


It is random; it does not matter the thing (computer, tablet or phone), once I connect over 5 the problem appears on the next thing I try to connect.


ON laptops I can sometimes fix the error by disabling and re-enabling the adapter. On the phones or tablets I need to restart the router until it connect.

Also, the router is showing some of my phones on the LAN list (Yes, like if I connected the phone with an ethernet cable)


I complained about this problem months ago, about the router not supporting many devices at the same time. But now, since I moved my office to my home and added more devices, it is a nightmare.


My actual configuration is:


Internet to Talk Talk Router (It provides also Wi-Fi to the front part of the house)

From the Talk Talk router, lan to a switch


From the switch:


Router to my wife's office

and to another switch(2)


From switch 2:

2  H96 Android TV

3 computers


From my wife's office, router:

Wi-fi to the middle of the house

1 computer

1 ricoh printer

and to another router in my office


Router in my office:


1 computer

1 epson printer

1 xerox printer

wi-fi to the back of the house and garden.


Besides this, over Wi-fi:


2 tablets (one it is showing connected to the lan on talk talk router even if it is connected to the TalTalk wifi)


4 Phones (also 1 is always showing as connected on the lan on talk talk router even if it is connected to the TalTalk wifi)



I do also created a guest  wifi network over the routers on my wife office and my one.


I used to have a similar configuration on BT, but since I changed to Talk Talk it was impossible and I needed to add another router and use the Talk Talk one just as modem.



I am thinking, unless somebody can help me, to buy a new router to replace the Talk Talk one.


Thank you

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Wow, looks like you have quite an internal network going on there. What has led you to pinpointing the TalkTalk router as the problem, rather than any of the switches, other routers in the chain etc? It would seem to need a detailed step-by-step approach to analyse all this. 


As I mentioned I have 3 wifi, one is managed by the talk talk router and it is the one with the problems.


Also, I checked everything, including the IPs that all my devices are using, all of them (lan) are with fixed IPs, but not the ones connected by Wifi.

Remember also the TT router is showing a tablet, and a phone connected on the TT Wifi as LAN connections. Something is weird there.


I only use the talk talk router as modem and provides wifi to one sector of the house, It has one lan connection only to provide internet to the rest of the network.


I used to have my office at home, years ago with almost the same configuration as now. It was with BT and the BT hub; I used to use also that hub as a printer server with its own USB port.


When I switch to Talk Talk my problems started, not as bad as now as I also moved my office somewhere else.


I complained to Talk Talk as their router even do not have USB port and I had slow connection and drops; they replace the modem 3 times with no luck (obviously as they sent the same modem all the time).


I asked them about using my own router but they said If I do it I will not get support if I have a problem.


But now, thanks to Covid, I needed to move my office back to my home, and the problem is worst now.


Internal network work as charm, fast and everything connected. But Wi-Fi internet delivered by the Talk Talk router is a nightmare. It is like the TT router cannot deliver internet to all.


I tried with an old router to pass by the talk talk router totally and deliver wifi to the front of the house (The TT router was connected by lan to the switch and to the old wifi router, no Wifi delivered by TT Router at all, and I had no problems) But the old router is really old and slow.


I re-enable the Wifi on the TT router and disconnect the old one. I know the solution will be to buy a new router and replace the TT. But:

The one I need is expensive.

I will not get the TT support.


So I am trying to get help here, before I buy a new router.


So if I'm correct you are in residential area and running 3 WiFis, so probably subject to interference from neighbour's WiFis on one or more channels.  Presumably your 3 WiFis are on different channels e.g. 1, 6, & 11 to minimise interference, if not then they should be.   If the TalkTalk router WiFi is using the most congested channel then it would be worth swapping the channel with one of your other WiFis so the TalkTalk router uses the least congested channel in order to see if this makes any difference.

Community Team - TT Staff


Problem solved, not in the way I was hoping, but...

I contact 3 times TT support and speak with "technicians" that wanted to check my network remotely (even if I explain my internet and my line was fine).
Of course, they did not found anything. One suggested sending me another router. I said no as they did it 3 times and the problem is not that the router is faulty.
When I tried to explain my problem and talk about IPs and things like that, they have no idea and they chooses to cut instead accepting they have no real acknowledge on networks.

I did contact customer service and finally could speak with a real technician. However, he blames me for having too many devices. He also suggests I will need to change my account to a business one.

At the end, I bought an TP_Link AC 1900, replace the TT router/hub and now everything is fine, I even (a purpose) not only connect everything I got but also some old phones I did not use for a long time in order to try the net.
In total 32 devices, including of course repeaters, switches, printers, phones, PCs, Notebooks, Surveillance cameras, and Tablets.

No problems, everything connected to Internet.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.