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Charge for an engineer visit

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My Fibre Broadband has been suffering from disconnects recently so I have phoned up Talk Talk who do the usual tests and ask me to unplug router, use the test socket etc. No fault found.


So, an engineers visit is booked for tomorrow and the customer service team wanted to charge me for it straight away? is this normal? Anyway I protested and got a free engineer visit.


Also, when I signed up last year I was sent a second hand/refurbished router that still had settings from the previous user: In the router settings under features and applications there was about ten settings from game sites, xbox and various others. 


The router firmware is out of date. Customer services were unable to update my firmware. Model is Dlink DSL3782, so what happens next? 



Community Team

Hi phillip151


I'm sorry to hear this.


Is this a TalkTalk engineer or BT Openreach engineer visit?







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I can't remember! Surely you would be able to check? Also can you confirm my appointment is booked for tomorrow between 12 and 3 PM as I have had no confirmation.

Community Team

Hi phillip151,


I can confirm that our systems show that you have a TalkTalk engineer visit booked for this afternoon