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Connecting printer to DSL-3782 via USB

Team Player


Is it possible to connect a USB printer to the DSL-3782 router to enable printing across my wifi network? I've connected my Epson R360 to the USB and gone through printer setup in Win10 using the router's IP as the address but it doesn't seem to work. I've read some posts that claim it's possible to do this but others say the usb on the router is only for hard drives.

Any ideas welcome!



Graeme McDowell
Community Star

To enable print sharing on your router, open a web browser and type the router's IP address in the address bar (it's usually,  or something similar). Then log in to your router. This takes you to the router's firmware settings screen. Look for the USB menu and enable USB printer support or Printer Server mode and then save your settings. Each router has a different firmware settings screen and login method

The dsl-3782 router i think only supports this for hard disk file sharing, so what you want to do may not be possible on your router


Hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply.

Did that and there's no printer option under USB so I think you're right in that it only supports HDD.
Graeme McDowell
Community Star

Only to happy to help.

Your other option is to do if possible like i myself do. Connect printer via wifi to router, and then you can share very easy within windows 10 systems.