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Connection Profile Moved From Fast to Interleaved

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    We were away for the last two weeks, prior to which our connection profile was Fast path. We returned yesterday to notice that it had moved back to an Interleaved profile. No connections were dropped from our end, but I do notice the last DSL connection established 8 days ago but I had left all equipment on.


    Nothing has changed in our setup, so is this normal? I assume DLM would bring this back to Fast path profile in some days. Is there anything I need to do?



Community Team

Hi s1977,


I can't check this at the moment due to a system issue but if DLM has moved you to an interleaved profile it will have done this because either the connection has been unstable of the error count has been high.


If the connection remains stable with a low error count DLM should move you back to a fastpath profile 


How many telephone sockets do you have? Does your master socket have a test socket?


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Hi Chris

Thank you for answering promptly. We do have a test socket on the master and I used to connect the HG633 to it previously prior to the line moving to a fast path connection. It has been on fast path since a couple of months so was unsure why it has gone back to interleaved again.

Should I simply wait for DLM to move it back?
Community Team

It's up to your really, you could try connecting your router to the test socket and leave it there for a few days to see if DLM moves you back to a fastpath profile