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Considering fibre

Wizz Kid

I'm sort of considering fibre but I'm having problems justifying it. I've a couple of questions that I can't believe I don't know the answer to, but here goes.


We live fairly close to the exchange and currently get an average speed of around 15 Mbps, which seems more than decent for our needs.

However still the questions...


If the last link to the house is over copper wire (hanging from poles etc) doesn't this restrict the ultimate speed in the house to that which copper can provide and not what the fibre up to the cabinet can carry?


Assuming we get over that issue, if the only devices we use are laptop, tablets and any internet connected TV will they in reality operate any faster?

For the purposes of clarity we are only a couple and not into gaming etc.


I realize as I write this I've talked myself out of the need for fibre, but I'd still be interested in the response for future reference and you never know someone else may have the same question!!


Your current broadband and also FTTC are both dependant on line length and quality.

Currently it is the distance to the exchange that is critical, on FTTC it's the distance to the cabinet.

Have a look on the many fibre checkers to see the estimate for your home.

If you are not suffering from buffering on any TV or streaming services now, changing to fibre is probably not needed.

If you send large files, fibre is likely to offer much better upload speeds than your current arrangement.

Wizz Kid
Many thanks for response. I think I'll stick with non fibre for now. I certainly get no buffering and no particularly large files.
I feel that if the need arises I know I'm within sight of the relevant cabinet and if the row of houses opposite weren't there I'd be able to see the exchange!!!
One reason for raising the issue is the latest £4 increase and in relation to a second TT system in a second room.
Again I'm not interested, but it does state that fibre is necessary. I wonder how many customers will be forced into fibre as a result.
Anyway thanks for your help.