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Continued Internet issues

First Timer

Multiple times a day for at least a few days a week my Internet drops out - the light flashes on/off orange, on/off orange and white and if I'm lucky on white for a while, until it does it all over again. Yes, I've turned it off, waiting 30mins before I turn it on again. No, I've not changed my set up, don't have anything else plugged in, it's a new wall socket Openreach installed so no adapter is required... Basically all the same as it was when it was working fine up until 3 or 4 weeks ago. 


I'm a key-worker and rely on my Internet to work from home as a therapist and have to keep swapping people to phone rather than videocalls, miss out on meetings and use my phone data to access notes, emails and resources.


I've had so many issues since swapping to TalkTalk. At least before you could contact someone, even if the joy was shortlived as they told you to do the same chuffing rigmarole of checking sockets or whatever and other stuff you'd done and told them 101 times before. Openreach have been out twice, not including when I've told TT I would be at work and they've sent someone out anyway. Now you can't even contact someone on live chat and have to post in this forum. It's a joke. 

Community Star

Are you having any issues with your voice service? Have you tried the Service Status link at the top of the page? 


You can get onto Live chat via this page

First Timer
Couldn't see the live chat option on that page but will check again tomorrow within the live chat opening hours.

Thanks for replying to me tho! I'm not looking forward to having to change some of my appointments tomorrow back to phone calls 😞
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dawnie-2


I'm really sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing with the connection.


I can see that this fault has been raised to Openreach and an engineer visit has been arranged for 09/06/2020 PM (1pm - 6pm)


Please us know how you get on following this visit.