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Cookie Policy - web page

Wise Owl



Can someone please explain the various settings found under the 'We Use Cookie' window that continually pops up for me when I am on the uk web page?


The reason I ask is appart from the annoyance of this page I do not understand the various settings offered. I did start to look at something and up popped a page ' which was written in what appeared to me as likley Russian?



Community Star

Hi @Giraffe 


Here's the advice article: Providing your consent for cookie usage 


Your browser will need to accept cookies and retain cookies or the 'cookie consent' screen will reappear. If you have cookie blockers as part of additional software then they'll also need to have exclusions for


Privacy Manager and consent for cookies:

  • Visit
  • Review the notice "Why do you need my consent?"
  • Or go straight to Privacy Settings via the tab or selection button
  • Make your choices
  • Accept none / Accept all / or preferences section by section
  • Then select Save & Exit

In essence the customer has to be asked for consent to store cookies as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Accept none means "I don't want any of your  advertising/tracking cookies stored". Accept all means "I do want your advertising/tracking cookies stored". Privacy Settings allows you to review and set your preferences section by section according to the purpose and use made of cookies before pressing Save and Exit.


The default is always Accept none. But the browser still must accept and retain the Privacy Manager cookie that stores your preferences including that you do not want advertising/tracking cookies stored.


When your browser has set and retained cookies you'll see a fingerprint circle (bottom left of the screen) - a symbol representing the Privacy Manager. The Privacy Manager will set and use cookies in accord with the user's consent for third-party trackers used on the website. You can select the fingerprint icon or select Manage Cookies from the email Menu icon and re-review the consent management policy and settings. Privacy Manager is compliant with the GDPR data protection and personal privacy regulations.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Wise Owl

Thanks Gondola

A very comprehensive answer and as a result I think I have now sorted my requirements. I say think because I did find the whole subject quite complicated but I saved my setting and made sure my Browser cookie setting are correctly set to allow cookies.


thanks again