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A new phone line was installed on Friday and the broadband service was activated straightaway. Getting a speed of 34Mbit with estimated speed of 49-80. I did ask for the faster service to be installed however it seems that faster fibre was assigned however I noticed that speed boost was also added. Just to add I have an existing phone line and broadband with BT getting 60Mbit. The Openreach engineer traced the cable (2 pairs - 1 BT, 1 TalkTalk) and it is the same distance  for both 🙂


So I phone customer service this morning. The worst experience I've for a long time with a call centre. Not sure where it's located but the background noise from the open plan office was bad, repeated my land line 4 times to one rep and still couldn't get it write. Post code was even worse, kept reversing 2 digits. On the 4th person I had enough and decided to cancel the account instead but had to do it via a manager. However the manager's english was very poor but I got there in the end.


Very unexpected and wasteful going from a new customer to cancelling within 4 days, call prompted by the speed I had but I was happy to work with that. However the customer service was so bad I don't think I would've got too far with this.



You didn't give TT much of a chance to rectify things, but that's you choice.


I agree but I didn't cancel due to the speed issue as I expect it was going to technically easy to resolve. However after the 2 hours on the phone with 3 different reps I didn't think I was going to get anywhere with it as most of the time was spent trying to find my account. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi badexperience,


I'm really sorry to hear this and please let us know if you need any assistance with anything via the Community.