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Decorating and Moving Master Socket - Pls can you reset DLM

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Hi TT Experts,


My broadband has been up and down whilst I've been decordating and moving the master socket and removing old extension wiring.


Through this last few weeks its dropped from 56MB to 44MB and I suspect DLM has not liked the way the router has been up and down. It doesnt seem to want to recover itself either. 


Is there any way to reset the negotiation please so I can get the speed back. Current stats are below.


Line number is in the profile.


Thanks in advance. Steve


Downstream Upstream
Actual Rate 44883 Kbps 18994 Kbps
Attainable Rate 61377 Kbps 21077 Kbps
Actual PSD 6. 5 dB 6. 7 dB

SNR Margin 6 dB 6 dB
Attenuation 16 dB 18 dB


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I hope you don't literally mean "moving" the master socket? TalkTalk can't reset DLM, it is automated and once you leave things connected without disruption it should pick up again. 

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Thanks. Yes, I did mean moving it.


It was around the back of the house in a very awkward place in the kitchen. I have now got it at the front of the house - near to where the line comes in to the property. All the old extensions are gone now - I just need Router and DECTs plugged in.


Do you know how long for it to settle? I read somewhere its 2 days (48 hours), both others say it could be 2+ weeks.


Thx again, Steve

Wise Owl

You might see some changes in 48 hours if plugged into the test socket but ultimately it can take 2-3 weeks for the DLM to complete its stuff.




PS enable your private messages.

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Ok, just going back to the moving master socket question, I take it this was undertaken by Openreach?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Steve,


I'm sorry for the delay. Was the master socket moved by Openreach?




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Hi Michelle


No - it was not BT Openreach, it was an independent (but qualified) electrician.


He also added some new 2-gang 13A mains sockets which did involve a lot of power cycling whilst he was doing the work.


I have read on other threads that power cycling the router a lot can impact DLM (i.e. router going on and off can look like line errors) and some people in rural errors talking about that more than others. 


I thought DLM could be reset like when I didnt have Fibre. Anyway, the max rate is improving on the line.


Given my broadband switches to John Lewis Broadband (Plusnet) on Friday I might get different results at the end of the week when they switch it over and plug in their Zyxel router.