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Disappointing Download speeds after Upgrade to Fibre 65 Package

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Probably one that only an OCE can solve:


I have been on what is now called Fibre 38 FTTC since April 2018. We are located some 360 metres from the nearest BT Street cabinet , which I believe we are connected to.


Since 2018 I have been using an HG635 router, updated to latest 1.14t firmware in 2019. I use this router in preference to the HG633 because it has Gigabit ports and this is important to me as I have several devices connected using TP Link AV600 Powerline units.


Fast forward to 15/2/2021 - I renewed my TalkTalk contract and upgraded to the Fibre 65 package at same time, going live on that date.


I monitor BB performance using my Ipad close to the router via both Ookla Speedtest and the TalkTalk Ookla-based speed test which I think OCEs can see results from? (I usually get very similar speed test results from PCs connected over Powerline BTW, direct ethernet connection to my router is not an option ...).


The download performance since the Fibre 65 upgrade has been, to say the least, somewhat disappointing.


On Fibre 38, 152 measurements taken over 36 months using Ookla, give an average download speed of 35.8mbps (max recorded was 37.4 mbps)


After the Fibre 65 upgrade the Download speed fell slightly from 35.2 to 31.1 mbps. At this point

I dug out the backup HG633 router (2.00t f/w) and obtained a slightly better average download performance of 39.2mbps with a small average upload speed increase from 9.4 to 10.0mbps.


Today (18/2/2021) I received a letter from TalkTalk stating my minimum guaranteed Download speed was 48mbps. I believe, however, that the minimum guaranteed speed refers to the line sync speed and not to achieved throughput measurements?


On Fibre 38 my sync speeds (in kbps) were around 9997 (upstream) and 40000 (downstream) .


As of today (on the HG633 router) the Fibre 65 rates in kbps are 10769 (upstream) and 45415 (downstream). (note that the HG633 is using interleaving but the HG635 was not and the latter did give some higher line sync speeds but not throughput)


I plan to put back the HG635 soon as the LAN performance using the HG633 is being impacted because of its inferior 100mbps ports.


Given the closeness of the FTTC street cab I had hoped that I would see a significant increase in download (but not upload) throughput, but clearly that is not the case.


Can an OCE please investigate? I have until 4th March to cancel the upgrade contract.





Graph-with trends.psd
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Following advice in adjacent posts, I powered off my HG633 router for over 2 hours to see what DLM would do and replaced it with the HG635. I am now getting sync speeds of 50580 down & 13021 up. Ookla throughput tests give around 45mbps down and 12 up. So some improvement but still disappointing given that my Fibre 38 sync speed was already 40000/9997 & throughput was ~35/9.9.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi cranhpc1,


Apologies for the delay. I've completed a line test which hasn't detected a fault. Does your master socket have a test socket? If it does then would it be possible to connect the microfilter and router at the test socket so we can see if DLM makes any changes to the speed please?