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I have faster fibre but I keep having blips where I lose connection for a few seconds and then it comes back.  This disconnects me from Google hangout video meetings and also when I'm gaming etc. 

I have one laptop and one mobile in use.

I have tried re-setting the router by powering it down and restarting it to no avail. 

I would welcome any suggestions on how to remedy this.

Community Star

Hi @thursfd,


Do you know if the problem is with the router losing its connection to the internet (in which case a light on your router which is normally constantly lit will change colour or flash), or is it that you are losing Wi-Fi connection between your device(s) and your router (in which case the light(s) on the router will just carry on looking normal).


Do you have any ‘wired’ devices, do they also lose connection ?


If you think it is just the Wi-Fi dropping (which is most likely if you are only seeing a drop for a few seconds) then there are a few things you could try to see if it is Wi-Fi interference causing the problems.


Split the SSID's on the router, this will allow you to give the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks different names, so your Wi-Fi devices will then see those two networks separately, you can then try connecting to one or the other to see if one gives a more reliable connection than the other.


Change the channels that your router broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal on, you can use free smartphone Apps like this to see what channels are being used within range of your smartphone, you can then change your router to use channels that are less congested.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi thursfd


I'm sorry to hear this.


I've ordered you a different make and model of router, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.