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Dlink DSL 3782 Firmware

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I've heard that there is new firmware for the Dlink DSL 3782.

Can I have it sent to my router please. I know it fixes the vpn issue but what else does it fix?


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I think the main aim of 1.10t was to fix a security flaw that had certianly caught the media and a few users attention as well as the majority of the VPN issues.


I've also heard that it introduces wifi band steering if both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands share the same name.


From experience, still outstanding are...


The fact that the system clock doesnt sync with the time server aside from when the device is first booted up.


The device log is as good as useless. If you login it records your login... then login the next day and the only login you see is the one you've just made, no record is maintained. You only see the boot cycle listed and the most recent login ( the one you just made to view the log ) in default configuration.


I've not has the new firmware long enough to see if the DSL Uptime still counts backwards after 30 days, then hits zero and counts forwards .... and repeat.


Having said all the above it's the best performing talktalk router I've had ( from the HG633, New WiFi Hub and 3782 )

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Hi garytastic,


We're currently testing this firmware for the VPN issue. Is the 3782 router connected at the moment?




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Yes it's connected.

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Your router should now be updated to v1.10t firmware.





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Thanks, will check when I get home.

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No Problem 🙂


We're always here to help.



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Hi I have been sent an "updated" DSL 3782 by your support team, but it is still configured with Firmware v1.08t which is identical to the router it was sent to replace.

Despite talking to the support people they refuse to admit that a Firmware fix is available. Can you install it remotely for me? As I am suffering occasional dropouts.

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Please can you create your own thread and we can look into this further for you.