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Email changes

First Timer

I've looked through the FAQ for the supposedly new, improved email and I see no mention of closing the biggest security hole in your site - having the same password for email and my account.


I access my email on three devices - on my phone, webmail on my laptop and Thunderbird on my PC. This means that my password is saved in three different places. If one of these were hacked - unlikely, I know what I'm doing - then the hacker would also be able to access my account details as well.


It is best practice to have separate passwords for emails and account details.


Further issues - will the system now have an easy to use spamlist (removing accidental additions is a nightmare) and the ability to whitelist addresses/domains? Will it fix the issue that, if you add a single email to spam, it adds the entire domain - really annoying if it's a widely used domain like gmail or hotmail.


Finally, will the system now add spam emails to the spam folder, rather than the deleted items folder (which makes it really difficult to scan the emails auto deleted by the spam filter as they're mixed in with deleted emails).

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Hi @donnachadelong 


I agree with you 100% that it is a security risk to have the MyAccount password the same as the email address used as the MyAccount username.  I made representations when I found out about this some while ago. 


It doesn't affect me.  I've always used a non-TalkTalk email address as my Billing and Notification address and MyAccount username. This means I have a totally different password for MyAccount.  I always recommend customers not to use a TalkTalk email address that's linked to the MyAccount. 


Basic security best practice is more important, I believe. I'm pleased we think alike.


Spam marking and Filtering options are there in the new TalkTalk Mail and essentially similar to the Classic Webmail. No whitelisting but the marked spam does go to the Spam folder.


The Blocked Sender's Filter will carry over from Classic Webmail. It should block single senders or optionally block entire domains depending on the rules the customer creates. In those rules you can redirect the emails to Spam in place of the Trash folder that's selected by default; no problem.

  • Login to the new TalkTalk Mail
  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon or cog icon for mobile)
  • Then Settings in the drop down menu
  • Then in the left panel Mail then Filter Rules
  • On the Blocked Sender's Filter line select Edit
  • Select Actions > File into > Select folder
  • Select Spam from the pop up
  • Select OK
  • Then select the blue Save button
 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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First Timer

Thanks, didn't realise I could use another email for My Account - last time I raised this, that wasn't pointed out.


I'm hoping it's a lot easier to remove emails from the spam list if there's no whitelist possibility. The current tiny box with no multi-select is a nightmare (as I learned when I marked an email using a cloned address as spam - it added the entire domain of an organisation for whom I work - it was a nightmare trying to find the email in the filter).

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Hi @donnachadelong 


Yes use an alternate email address for your MyAccount login, online billing  and notifications from TalkTalk.  Here's the advice article: Managing your email in My Account Expand the section 'Change your MyAccount username'.

And with the new TalkTalk Mail it's much easier to find emails with the Search or Sort functions. Spam marked email is directed to the Spam folder.

  • Select the Spam folder in the Folder View (left panel)
  • Search for the domain
  • Results matching the domain will appear

In this example I've selected the Trash folder to Search:

Select a folder to SearchSelect a folder to Search

That should make it easier to find an entry in the Filter Rules.  When troubleshooting any named Filter Rule with multiple conditions the best thing is to disable the Filter Rule to prove that a mail blocking issue is with a specific condition. Then go through the individual conditions. It's usually something like 'From contains domain' and that will block an entire domain instead of an individual sender.


If you need help in the future with email Filter Rules then just post a new topic in this email forum and someone will respond.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer