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Fast Fibre not that fast anymore

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My 76 meg Fibre  is rarely above  40  nowadays,  odd patches of 50 , done multiple tests using many websites and it sall much the same..

This is with Lan cable not Wifi .

Reset router a few times  no change.

Was pushing 78 meg a few times when working ok ,


Also  see multiple advert sfor Fibre at a far lower price for new  users than i currently pay , which  i believe i could switch to ?? ,  but they only seem to refer to a max of 67meg, does that mean any new contract would be throttled to 67  or is that just an approx  figure and I would still get 76, well if was working ok 🙄..







What is your actual sync speed ?


Do you get any disconnections and is your phone line working normally ?


What is you estimated speed range and minimum guaranteed speed ?


If you are still in your contract period you MAY be able to get a cheaper price, however that would probably incur and administration fee.


Your contracted speeds will be given to you based on the distance to the fibre cabinet and quality of your line, it will not be capped at the average speeds quoted in any advertising.

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Don't get any interuptions all  pretty reliable.  Phone works ok .

My Contracted speed is 76 meg.


Still in contract til March 2021


Only 25 yards of copper from the green box so usually runs flat out .


Pass on all the others.






Community Team - TT Staff

Hi ceedy,


I'm sorry for the delay and I'll take a look at this now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault and the sync speed looks good. Is their any improvement in throughput speed if you switch the router off for a full 30 minutes as this will reset the current session?