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Fast Router 5364 connections limit?

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Yes, working better after new socket fitted due to bridge tap, so no real speed issue, but number of device connections limit seems to be in force? pass 25 devices and although maybe registered as connected, pings show no communication. Even tried older TT router hardwired as a second wifi router (obviously different channel) , but to no avail.

In router admin, although most devices are shown in a list of connected devices, only 12 appear in devices to manage window?

I'm not even sure if I purchase an expensive wifi router and hardwire it in in place of the TT wifi, whether the fast router will still limit the number of devices? Any info there would be appreciated.


A lot of devices attached are not requiring actual internet connection, just network communication for control of lights etc.


I had read somewhere that this router could handle 50 connections, but not so in my experience.

I must admit this has been driving me nuts, and taking the shine off the so called smart world...


Any info would be much appreciated  .. 

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There are a few firmware bugs associated with the device display in the Manage Advanced Settings page, which it is hoped will be fixed in a new version of firmware that is apparently under test.


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Thanks for that info … I'll wait for the update …. as to the connection limit, I'll just have to keep plugging away!