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FastPath changed to interleave on line

Team Player

Can I have my  line reset back  to  FastPath .  Interleave is  much  much  slower. Speed down from 70 -72 mb at  my  PC with ping  time of  10-12 ms to  51- 56 mb and ping  time of 14 - 16  ms.  I  do  a lot  of  gaming  and streaming  and  am  really struggling  with the line speed. (previoulsy  it   worked fine)  I  find it   bazaar that the speed has dropped to  more or less the Taktalk  minimum  speed and no lower. One would  almost think   the line was being  controlled to  gradyually  drop  to   minimum.  

Anyway  what  can be done here as I a m going  to  have to  change supplier  with  things  as they are now 


Chat Champion

Apologies I don't have a direct answer but I would like to know this as my line has been put onto interleaved also. 

Best guess is due to line drop outs and DLM has decided due to factors (noisy line, crosstalk etc) that interleave will cut down on errors. 


Have you tried a corded phone to check for noise on line? Also have you had a lot or resets lately such as router reboots etc? 


TT do not offer profile changes, it is all controlled by the Openreach DLM.


TT can check your line for faults, but you should also plug in a phone and see if that works normally.


If you have one, try connecting to the test socket at the back of the master socket to eliminate any internal faults in your home.


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi rcb99,


I've posted on your other thread today.