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Faster 150/300 Fibre

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within the last couple of months Open reach has finished installing FTTP infrastructure in my area as I am on an ELO (Exchange Only Line) due to being so close to my exchange and therefore not having a cabinet to have FTTC.


Is there any estimate on how long it takes from the infrastructure being installed and activated to TalkTalk offering this as a service? As it stands at the minute the only provider I can find that will offer me FTTP is BT who want £60/month for 300mb or £55/month for 150mb, as opposed to TalkTalk who offer those speeds at £50 and £28 respectively. Aside from the price difference I'd also like to stay with TalkTalk anyway as I have been a customer for many years, but if it's going to take years for this service to filter down then it becomes less of a choice as currently I am only receiving normal ADSL broadband at around 15mb which is intermittent at best due to the age of the copper wire infrastructure in my area.












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Hi Gareth


We're still waiting on a statement from TalkTalk on when it will be ready to resell Openreach full fibre products. The latest from the CEO was a mention in the Financial Results on 23 May when the impression I got was that, although TalkTalk has a 5 year Openreach deal for and FTTP,  there was further negotiation to be done on pricing. So, we still wait.


The Openreach links for you to check on availability of product to your address are:


For the fibre for home link, scroll down the page to the Get faster fibre today, postcode entry followed by address selection.


Current popular providers of Openreach FTTP are BT Retail, Andrews & Arnold and Zen Internet.  The Openreach listing has more. Sky is reportedly reselling FTTP during the second half of 2019.

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