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Faster Fibre .5Mbs download speeds

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For the past few days, the faster fibre line has - I think _ been behaving strangely:

  • upload speeds: very good, circa 20Mbps
  • download speeds: very bad, sometimes as low as 0.5Mbps (welcome to ISDN!)

I have rebooted the router several times (including for 30+ minutes), to no avail.


The connection is stable, though, just very slow in the down direction.


Admin GUI capture:




Obviously the "downstream" bit is way off.


This tool's outcome ( ) is the following:


<snip>Our health check has been unable to identify your router or its software version.</snip>


Given I am using the (recent?) "Wifi Hub FAST 5364", I would expect the device to be recognised, so as to maybe enable better diagnostics?


What gives?


Thank you and best regards

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Hi @albedozero is this happening wired or WiFi? If WiFi try Split your router's SSID (wireless network name) . Also have you tried rebooting the device reporting the issue?


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Wireless and RJ45.


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The speeds seem to have reverted back to normal. Hypotheses in no particular order:


  • I disconnected an old iphone5 from the wifi (apple device are known to be not very nice network resources sharers)
  • The latest reboot had a positive effect (killing a session at the other end of the line maybe?)
  • writing the post above had someone do something (maybe the line was in maintenance/stability mode when it shouldn't have been? i.e. from the saying, "slow internet is better than no internet")
  • less traffic overall at this time today as opposed to yesterday evening?


One of the latest tests:




Quite happy with that, hope the line does not revert to the state of he past few days.


Would anyone be able to tell me if any action/maintenance was performed on the line?




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Hi @albedozero thanks for the update, my guess the old iPhone and the reboot. Your sync speed was excellent soon my opinion, and Inthe nicest possible way the issue was your side of the router.


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I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi albedozero


Apologies for the delay.


Is this still working ok since your last post?