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Faster Fibre Speed Boost - assistance please

First Timer

Hi, I am quickly losing faith with TalkTalk customer service team.


I ordered Faster Fibre some weeks ago to transfer from Sky via the 'gaining provider-led' process, so expected to retain my current land line number and for TalkTalk to inform Sky of the cancellation request. The day before go live date I checked my emails and was advised the TalkTalk order had been cancelled.


So the saga begins...


I called TalkTalk CS and asked why the order was cancelled, and was advised Sky would not release the line and I would have to take it up with them. Contact Sky CS who advise they have done no such thing and that no requests for transfer are registered.


Contact TalkTalk CS who advise best way forward is order a new line and for me to make contact with Sky to cancel existing account, which would require an Openreach engineer visit. I proceeded to spend the best part of an hour ordering a new service via TalkTalk CS on the phone. 


The service provided by Sky was the unadvertised 'Sky Fibre Unlimited Plus Service' with a cap of 52mbps as I was advised that when I moved to my current property I could not transfer the 'Sky Fibre Max' product I was using as the line couldn't support higher speeds.

Since I moved into my current property last year I have consistently synced at the maximum capped profile (52mbps) and there appeared to be some headroom to go above this sync speed.


At the time I ordered the new line via TalkTalk CS on the phone I did not realise I was being offered the 'Faster Fibre' capped service at 40mpbs. When I realised I contacted TalkTalk CS again and after another hour or so was advised that as a 'good will' gesture  for the hassle that had been caused ordering the service the 'speed boost' service would be added pro gratis for the rest of my contract. I was told that as the order had already been put through the ‘speed boost’ could not be added until the line was active. I accepted the offer and was given a code to quote to TalkTalk CS once the line was activated.


Well.. activation date was today, the Openreach engineer came round this morning and wondered why he was here, expecting to be installing a new line. Anyhow, he configured the new number at the exchange and conducted line tests which stated the line could support a sync rate of around 57mbps, which is about what I expected having seen the noise margin/attenuation headroom from Sky router previously.


So I set up the TalkTalk router and sure enough the sync rate connected at the maximum 40/10mbps of the capped profile.


I call up TalkTalk CS and having been passed from one advisor to another, stating the code I was quoting wasn’t linked to anything on the account, eventually it was acknowledged that it did exist and the speed boost should be added. I get passed through to yet another advisor who then states that the speed boost can not be added as the quoted speed in my area is 63mbps and that not to breach Ofcom regs I could not have it added as my sync rate would be below this. Cue loss of patience and request to speed to a manager and get the same spiel. I said I don’t mind if the line doesn’t reach 63mbps, 50-57mbps would be just fine. I am again told it wouldn’t be available and got a ‘system says no’ response. After some further ‘discussion’ I have been advised to wait over the weekend and will apparently be contacted again with an update, I don’t hold out much hope.


I have the Openreach engineer stating the line can handle around 57mpbs, confirmed evidence of at least a 50mpbs stable sync speed with Sky and yet I am being told that speed boost can’t be activated because of some arbitrary minimum threshold, it makes no sense!


Someone out there with a bit of knowledge can shed any light on this fiasco?

Community Star

I am sorry to read about what you have been through, I don't understand why your number couldn't have been ported in the first place. Be that as it may, the support team here will gladly look into this for you. 


Make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile here so that they can link your forum identity with your account. Bear in mind that as the weekend is almost upon us you may not get a response before Monday.

First Timer

Thanks for that, details added to profile.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi visionthinguk


I've checked your line and the maximum speed your line can handle is 23mbps, so the speed boost, if it was available would not make any difference. 


I can see that you have an open complaint, A manager will be in contact with you to discuss this further. 



First Timer

I currently have a sync of 40mbps / 10mbps so the maximum threshold of 23mbps is simply not true. This is based off Openreach line data prior to the installation of a new cabinet. If you look at the live data from my connection you will see this.


When I was with sky I was on a 52/10 profile and was at the max sync rate for this.


Currently line attenuation is 21, so there is headroom for improved speed.


Openreach engineer advised the line was capable of around 57mbps sync rate, may be more and advised that the line could handle an 80/20 profile.





First Timer

So complaints advisor called me this evening. Long and short of it, the reason why I had a new number and engineer visit is because TalkTalk did not have any further allocation at the cabinet for 80/20 profiles. I have now effectively lost my slot and it is unlikely that TalkTalk or any other provider can provide me with anything above 40/10 until slots are freed up or the cabinet is upgraded. Had I known this at the time I obviously would not have gone ahead with the order. I have the right to cancel up for a couple of weeks, but unless I miraculously get offered a better service elsewhere I am stuck. Warning to all if you are told you need a new number/engineer visit, it may be because of this!