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Faster Fibre & Zoneedit Dynamic DNS


Hello - I have been with BT for many years on their infinity fibre to the cabinet, and it feels like my prices are continually going up.

The Talk Talk Faster Fibre offer looks like good value but.... I am currently using Zoneedit Dynamic DNS service and finding out what the "Game Changing" Wi-Fi Hub supports it quite a struggle.


Can anybody tell me if this hub supports Zoneeidt Dynamic DNS? I'm using that for port forwarding to my home security cameras.


I did find reference to Talk Talk routers supporting this via the community, but I cannot find out what the actual hub model is, and what it supports.


According to Talk Talk support chat this morning they tell me Dynamic DNS is not supported.

Or.... could I use my current BT hub with a Talk Talk login?


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DDNS is most certainly supported by TalkTalk. Zoneedit is supposed to be directly supported by the new WiFi hub, but I have seen one person say it didn't work. However, what the hub does do is support the free DNS Proxy dns-o-matic and you can then use Zoneedit & a lot more DDNS providers that way. I have used DuckDNS for a few years now and again although not directly supported, it works very well via dns-o-matic. I can provide full configuration details if required when you have your hub.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Hi Keith, thank you for the super quick answer - that's very helpful to know.

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Here's an update on the thread:


I could not use Zoneedit service within the Talk Talk hub.

I set up a dns-o-matic account (thanks Keith) that pointed to my Zoneedit service and selected the "" provider instead from within the hub using my dns-omatic account details - remember to use the "" as host name.


Finally... after setting up the correct Gateway address in my cameras (different to the BT router) all is working ok.


It appears that the Zoneedit service is not working (at least for me).


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Can you please post instructions how to do this. 


I have just joined talktalk and can't for the life of me see how to add a DDNS Hostname in the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub version SG4K10002600t. 


The web interface / functionality of this Router has to be the worst I have come across. My last 3 providers have been so simple to setup! But I keep going around in circles and getting nowhere with the TalkTalk fibre hub.


I currently use as my DDNS provider but I'm willing to change to another provider in order to keep my Dynamic address functionality.


Thanks In advance