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Faster Fibre issues...

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Good morning


We went live with TalkTalk a couple of weeks ago now, and have had problems with our broadband connections ever since...we have signed up for faster broadband, I am unable to connect at all from my mac (all other devices can connect) we cannot watch a film on netflix/amazon without it stopping and having to reconnect.  We have tried reconnecting our lines and made no difference.  The white light on the box always remains on indicating that we are connected?


Secondly, the package i signed up for was £21.95 per month for 18 months however have noticed we got charged an additional £3.19 for faster fibre which should already be included - and faster fibre is something we are  certainly not getting at the moment.


I would be grateful for a response


Many thanks

Community Team - TT Staff

Good Morning,


Sorry for the delay in looking in to your fault. I have looked in to your issue and the line should get up to 80mg and as low as 60mg but the line is getting only 48mg and has some errors on the line. Please can you advise when we can send an engineer to your property so they can resolve all the issues for you,


Many Thanks,



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Hi Matt


Thanks for the reply, an engineer can come round anytime if you let me know when that would be great.  Thanks, Carin

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Also, do you know how I can get an update on my bill query too please (in same post) thanks

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Hi Matt any update on this, if you could inbox me that would be great thanks
First Timer

Hi all.on April I no have internet conection  about 10 days....For what Im paying???Thanks.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi CG1983


I'm really sorry for the delay.


I've completed a further line test which is detecting a possible fault towards the property.


Is your router currently connected at the test socket?





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Yes the router is connected and has been, but still internet isn't working properly I was told that an engineer would be arranged to come and visit the property but i haven't had any info on this as yet?  This is frustrating as this appears to be the only way of communicating with talktalk staff and i don't get a notification of a reply i have to keep remembering to check

Ben - TT
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi CG1983,


The next step will be to arrange an engineer visit to investigate further, to do this can you confirm:


  • That you accept potential Engineers charges
  • Provide availability, either AM (8am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 6pm) between Monday to Friday.

To confirm you're the account holder can you reply to me via PM (Personal Message) with the following information: 

  • Full Name
  • Home telephone number or account number
  • Are you the account holder
  • 1st and 3rd characters of your telephone password

    NOTE: If you don’t have a telephone password why not add one now check out Setting up your telephone password for details

    If password is unknown, confirm the below:
  • Your registered email address:
  • Your registered mobile phone number:  

Note: Please do not post personal information directly in the Forums.





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Either time of the week is also fine
First Timer

Did you ever get this resolved? I've had the exact same. The last two days (end of the 14d period) the internet has basically not worked. Speaking with a talktalk employee on twitter but not having much luck. 


Until the switch I had no issues, I'm working from home and this is extremely frustrating