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Faster Fibre solid amber on new WIfi Hub?


My Mum has been running with normal "Fast Broadband" for several years.

Upgraded her to "Faster Fibre" as it was cheaper (go figure).

New Wifi hub (SAGEM) plugged in, solid amber light.

Replacement hub supplied, same behaviour.

First Wifi hub (SAGEM) tested at different address - works perfectly.

"Chat" are hard work, and all I've achieved is a replacement hub (which didn't need replacing) and to raise a Complaint.

Very unlikely to be fault within property as previous TT (Huawei) router was working fine and property is relatively new (5 yrs old) with new microfilters all round.

Phone working fine.


Anyone had a similar experience so I can speak with a little more authority when the Fault Handler calls me? I remember seeing something about someone still being on an ADSL connection rather than fibre?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi ttforummartin,


I'm sorry to hear this. Just to confirm, is the telephone number in your Community Profile for your mum's line? Please do not post any personal information on the Community.




The number in my Community Profile is not my Mum's number.


I am hoping for a call from TT in the next couple of days so I don't want you to duplicate effort. This was simply a request if anyone else had a similar problem.


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi ttforummartinwilkinson,


If you do need any assistance from the Community team please let us know, we'll be happy to help 🙂