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Faster fibre - 3 weeks no interent


Engnieer came out to connect me up to faster fibre and told me my order was parically cancelled and to connect talk talk and that they will connect me up to another line until I do so and the speed will be very slow and I have spoken with many of the talktalk people via webchat and it appears they have sort something out as it’s not longer showing on my account that it has been cancelled but I still have no interent and I don’t think they have connected openreach to sort this issue out as openreach need to reconnect me back to correct line and they usually ring my mobile when they are out to visit 

as I am unable to talk to talktalk over the phone 

i am connecting them threw webchat and they don’t understand what I am trying to say to them 

I have run the service check and it’s telling me that 

-network stability is saying you may have experienced a problem with your connect recently

-speed to your router is saying unavailable 

-your router is saying we are unable to identify your router or it’s software

-your usage says your speed is struggling to cope with your usual recently 

I’ve went on the find out more button and it’s no help with my problem 

I have been forward to specialst team to connect me the first two times they never called then 2 weeks late I requested for them to connect me when they did I was working and was unable to answer the phone as I’m looking after the vulnerable at this sad time and requested for another call and again didn’t contact me been 4 since I requested it and it says they will contact within the next 48hrs 

i have run a live test and it comes back with 

your line seems OK and need more help please check these etc

but how is line OK when I have no interent and the  interent rounder is flashing red at all times 


I apologise for my spelling in this as my autocorrect on my phone has been putting connect instead contact
And also put rounder instead of router
Community Star

It does sound bad, @Kelseve . 


TT staff will look into this for you. It can take a few days for them to reach new threads, so wait to hear back before posting further,  to keep your place in the queue. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

How will talk talk staff contact me ? When I’m talking to them via webchat they are saying nothing wrong on there end that I am with faster fibre and my contract is live 

they keep telling me everything seems OK on there end 

i think talktalk think openreach have connected the line properly 

but openreach believe my interent is parically cancelled and they are waiting for talk talk to contact them for them to come back out and connect me up to the correct line 

so I believe the communication between talktalk and openreach isn’t met properly 

I’ve had no interent and openreach haven’t connected me to correct line 

and specialist team haven’t connected me either 

how will I be able to sort this issue out ? 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Kelseve


Sorry that you are having problems


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Kelseve


It looks like the fibre order cancelled due to an error. 


We will need to fix your account first then re-order fibre.  


Really sorry for the problems caused by this. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Kelseve


I have placed the order for Fibre upgrade today will need to check it on Tuesday.