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Faster fibre interleaving and errors

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For the last few months my interleaving has increased as has the error rate mainly on the upstream.

Before I came to talk talk I was almost always on fast path with BT etc, but I suppose with Talktalk selecting a more stable setting I can expect some interleaving.

My max attainable sync usually stays around 90mbits/s downstream and 25-30 upstream but with Talktalk's error correction and interleaving my connection is usually in the high 60 to 70mbit/s.


I have tried changing routers a couple of times but to no effect.


Interleaving of 298 and RSCorrectable errors on the upstream from 5 to 300% is new.

Downstream interleaving is 1277 and even when my connection has been up for over a month without a disconnection it has stuck here.

The Downstream RSCorr is fine at well below 1% - 0.0278% just now.


The upstream correction and interleaving are what's really troubling and yes I use gigabit Lan cables for all testing and monitoring.




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Hi @Murph_2 too advanced a question for me to answer so your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during tomorrow.

Good luck. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Murph_2,


We have no control over the profile set by BT dlm system. Are you experiencing any problems with your service?


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Yes, slow downs and periods of no activity which I take it are due to the huge number of retransmissions on the upstream path.  As I say I never had interleaving on the upstream path until fairly recently (probably in over 6 years at least) and now the RSCorr/RS error rate sometimes shoots up to a few hundred percent instead of the sub 1% I'd  expect.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Murph_2


Apologies for this.


We are unable to change the profile, this is set/changed by Openreach's DLM.


Please can you run a speed test when you experience this issue using a wired connection (and with no other devices in use) so we can see the results?