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Hello, I would like to ask some questions as my contract is ending soon. 


I have Faster Fibre with Fixed Price for 18 months and Contract is ending on 05 April 2020

I missed a call from TalkTalk today so I rang them and they told me they wanted to tell me that my Contract is ending and there are offers for my account, but it was really hard to understand the person so I decided to do it via online, after logging to my account there was a pop up about it so I clicked to see the offer and the offer is Faster Fibre For £25, (Right Now I am paying Faster Fibre for £28.50, which looks like a great offer however when I went to

I noticed "Faster Fibre" is 38Mb/s , While My Faster Fibre is 67mb/s (according to my speed test) So I am extremely confused, So while taking the new offer seems nice in price but it's actually a downgrade for MB/s ? or there's something wrong going on here, I am very confused, can someone explain?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @xZajaC


I can see that you currently have the fibre speed boost, the offer online is obviously not including the boost which is why it states 38 mbps. 


My suggestion is to either give our loyalty team a call    or use our Live chat service to chat to a loyalty agent to see if they can arrange a deal which includes the speed boost. 


Hope that helps. 




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EDIT: Never Mind, talked to TalkTalk, renewed my plan, Thank you.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi xZajaC


Apologies for the delay.


Thanks for letting us know.