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Fibre 65 upgrade (Order Number: N80575629)

Philip Matthews

On 11th Feb 21 I upgraded to Fibre 65, having previously had a download speed of around 37Mbps, which I was happy with; however with both sons back at home I wanted to improve the speed.

Since this date the download speed has got worse and I have had to 'reboot' the router a number of times to get back to 37-38Mbps.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is?


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What are the connection rates showing as in the router? And maximum attainable rates?

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Sometimes a 30 minute dis-connect and then re-connect can establish a new session and cause a speed improvement, but it then needs 10 days to fully stabilise.

There is a SYNC speed that is usually quoted, and/or guaranteed by an ISP as part of your BB contract.

My figures are in high 70's and Upper teens, with the MGALS/HandBack threshold speed of 67+ Mbps, although my actual thru speed seems only to be mid-to-high 30's.

AND then here....

You are connected to cabinet 00. Your line length (from the exchange) is approximately 3454 meters (sic).

G.Fast broadband up to 160Mbps
G.Fast is available with an estimated downstream speed of 265.3 to 330Mbps. For the time being, we are limiting G.Fast speeds to a maximum of 160Mbps.

"Superfast" VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet) up to 80Mb/s
VDSL uses the phone line copper pair to connect to a modem in the street cabinet and then typically glass fibre to connect back to the exchange and on to us. As this uses less copper wire it provides faster download speeds than ADSL, but costs a little more. For your location, forecast download sync speed is 74-80Mb/s and forecast upload sync speed is 19-20Mb/s.

ADSL broadband up to 5.1Mb/s
ADSL uses the phone line copper pair to connect to a modem at the telephone exchange. For your location the forecast download sync speed is 2.8-5.1Mb/s.

Talk Talk may only be offering some, all or n0ne of the above to you.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Philip,


I've completed a line test now which hasn't detected a fault and the sync speed looks ok. Have you tried powering down the router for a full 30 minutes and then retested again? Are you also running the speed tests wired or wireless?