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Fibre Broadband help for a neighbours


Hi All just after some help with a issue that is odd as we have a long road and side roads off ours with fibre on but it seems some of the road has no fibre just normal bb.


Can any one help with why that is i know it might be bt optec issue but just trying to get some info on how we can get some of our neighbours on to a fibre contract as they are looking but have found it confusing on what different site and companies have said


Some of the neighbours are just after fibre bb and phone so is there a way to get it from u(talktalk)???


just for info our road has i think 3 different post codes and we also have 2 new housing developments at the end where some of our neighbours would like Fibre 


our post code: CV37 7DT

our neighbours post code top end of road where they want it: Cv377du


Have looked on the talktalk site and only shows normal bb for them. also some of them have found even Virgin media have the same stops at house and does not go any more up the road.


any help/advice would be good as they are only getting around 4mb on wifi???

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Insightful One

For fibre broadband to be available OR have to have run fibre to the cabinet serving the address.  Which is why sometimes one house may have fibre but their neighbour might not, because they are connected to different cabinets, one of which if fibre enabled while the other is not.  If you go to the Openreach Site and click on the Fibre Checker button it will, after you've entered the postcode and selected the address, telll you if Fibre broadband is available for that address.  If it is'nt you can register your interest so they will, in theory, let you know when it comes available.  If it is then any of the providers should be able to provide it.  After that if you go to the Broadband Choices website and enter the postcodes you are interested in it will give you a list of providers and the deals they offer.  However, note that by default it shows all deals, inculding fibre broadband even if fibre is not available in the area.  You will need to go to those providers your interested in to check which of the deals are actually available.


Hope this helps


@Birchcroft. Thanks just thing some of my friends on road finding normal broadband and wifi on that bad. 




Hope that help Regards Joe
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