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Fibre Problems

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Hello, so recently i started to notice alot of dramatic speed reductions on my broadband...


First time i started to notice this when I was streaming IPlayer and YouTube.. It would buffer multiple times.. Now over the past 2 days I have also came across that multiple sites are taking forever to load up on multiple devices.. Facebook APP on Android and IPhone have been forever loading people profiles and status.


Also when I was livestreaming I kept getting notifications that my streaming quality was poor, which never happened to me before..


So today I Checked My IP on google and it seems like my IP has been changed to somewhere in West Sussex which is strange as i live in Hampshire.. But to confirm this i logged into my Router Admin Control Panel.. and The IP is showing as the exact as google was showing.


Normally my IP Would show in Southampton/Gosport/EastLeigh..


I am using the latest TT Hub. latest update I am on is "SG4K10001E00t".. But Assia CloudCheck say's incompatible router. So i'm not sure if the new update has messed up my IP or whatnot..


Please Help 


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Also i forgot to mention since i'm on this different IP .... Any site I access if it has Cloudflare Embedded into the site i get this error...

"403 ERROR
The request could not be satisfied.
Bad request. "

This has happened many times on and other websites.
Community Team

Hi MortexMedia,


I'm sorry for the delay. Could you try switching the router off for a full 30 minutes and let us know if you're still experiencing this issue?