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Fibre Speed Boost email - genuine or spam

First Timer

I receive an email from TalkTalk on 12/02/2019 offering me an increase in speed to 80Mb/s for an extra £2.50 per month. I clicked the link and the page said I would receive an email confirmation within 72 hours. This was over a week ago and I have received nothing. Today I contacted TalkTalk via Chat and the first agent said I was already on a speed boost package. He then put me through to technical support who ended up telling me that they hadn't sent an email to me and it is a spam email and they will report it for me. I am adamant it isn't spam as the links and email addresses were all legitimate but TalkTalk are adamant that it is and wanted to know if I had lost any money through it. The email doesn't ask for any details or information from me but the web agent wasn't interested. So is the email spam - if not how do I get my boost ?

Community Team

HI @Toddy


I can 100% confirm it was a genuine email, and the Fibre speed boost has been applied to your account, However there has been a slight problem which kept the fibre speed capped at 40, I have fixed this this morning, your speed boost should activate in the next few hours. 


Sorry for any confusion caused