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Fibre availability

Whizz Kid

I am a long standing customer of TalkTalk, but have never been able to upgrade to fibre because the cabinet which feeds my house has not been upgraded by BT, and apparently never will be.

Now, City Fibre have cabled past my property with their new fibre network, which I understand has speeds up to 1 GB.

My question is: Will TalkTalk be using this network to offer fast fibre to their existing customers, who, like me, have not had the availability of a fibre network?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi awt411


As far as I know, We dont have access to those circuits so wont be able to use them. 



Whizz Kid

Oh, that's odd, I'm just reading the following from an article about CityFibre

"TalkTalk joins CityFibre's networks with rollout plans to ultimately pass up to 8 million premises".


"CityFibre aquires Fibrenation from TalkTalk Group with long term commitment of residential and business customers"



Community Team - TT Staff
Whizz Kid

Further to my original post,  I now understand that CityFibre have purchased FibreNation from TalkTalk and will be making their Gigafast Network installations available to TalkTalk subscribers.

As my street has just been dug up and wired by CityFibre, and my existing TalkTalk sub is about to expire, I am obviously wondering where I stand at the moment.

Having been a TalkTalk subscriber for over 10 years, I would like to remain, but I would also like fast broadband via fibre which, up to now, TalkTalk have been unable to supply to my address.

If I renew my current contract will I eventually have the opportunity to connect to the Gigafast network via TalkTalk?

If you are unable to deal with this query, I would appreciate it if you could pass it on to someone who can?


Community Star

What does it tell you here?

Whizz Kid

Thanks, but not a lot - just the usual fob off, "Leave your details etc" I'm beginning to wonder if they really want new customers!