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Fibre broadband disconnecting daily

First Timer



My broadband connection disconnects frequently - seemingly almost daily. It starts flashing fast orange, then slow orange. Sometimes it will then go to orange and white, then back to steady white, but sometimes this does not happen after waiting a few minutes, so I need to power cycle the router.


I have just run the Live Connection Test, which identified that there is a problem, but came back saying the line is fine and I need to check in the house, with the website link to the Openreach video etc. 


I have only been with TalkTalk for a couple of months, but this frequent disconnection has happened on and off across this time. It didn't happen with my previous provider(s) - I have been in the house, with essentially unchanged network setup, for almost 8 years.


Latest model TalkTalk fibre router, updated to latest firmware (confirmed in TalkTalk connection test). Connection speeds are fine, ca. 60 down, 18 up without any noteable fluctuations.


Any ideas? New router?

First Timer
Bump - can anyone help? TalkTalk staff?