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First Day of Fibre a major and a minor problem

Wise Owl

Looked at my old modem/router - No Link Light  (as expected )

Try the landline - no dial tone . Enter 1471 - very, very faint sound of dialling no pickup by the service. Oops!

Replaced old Router with new Hub and configured Wi - Fi - That works with Smart Phone.

Re test land line still no joy

09:52 Texted TT on 07378905544

11:30 after numerous texts to and fro - now an Engineer will visit my Exchange and maybe my house. Time scale of 72 hours is being mentioned!! (sad face)


When I started the New Hub my google account assumed that I was a hacker and asked for all sorts of verification! 

Perhaps TT could put a note about this in their literature?


Bring on the questionnaire.




Community Team - TT Staff

Hi wgcuser


I'm sorry to hear this.


I can see that this fault has been escalated to Openreach. The engineer may resolve this fault before the 72hrs timescale, we have to advise up to 72hrs before we can request an update on this fault.





Wise Owl


Thanks for your sympathy.

Things have not been made any better by reading a TalkTalk advertisement in The Times (other news papers available) for "Supervalue Super Fast Fibre 67Mb/s " at £26 a month! O.k. that's not including the phone and anytime calls - but it looks to me like TWICE the speed and pretty well the same price!.

Looking at my On-line chat record on July 16th  I was offered Faster Fibre £22.45 +UK Call boost totalling £29.95, the alternative was remain on Broadband and pay £30.45. Apparently a "Special Deal".

I'm sure in the intervening couple of weeks I've seen TT ads for this deal at even cheaper prices..

When it's all is up and running I may take this up with a higher authority.

Meanwhile one customer of at least 15+ years - with bad taste in mouth.

(and no phone line)

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi wgcuser,


I'm sorry for the delay. Once the fault has been resolved then we can look into the billing query for you.




Wise Owl


Hello Debbie ~ The answer to your questioning email " Did you get the answer you needed?", received today 16-08-19 is yes Yes an OpenReach engineer fixed the problem in 40 minutes.

Trouble was it took TalkTalk from 08/08/2019 to 13/08/2019 to restore the voice phone service broken by changing my Internet to fibre! ~ Presume TT will reduce my bill in consideration of reduced service?

As bad luck would have it, on day 1 I needed to make a 999 call to raise an ambulance to a neighbours  street fall. - Of course my smart phone had run out of charge due in part to the lengthy exchange of texts to TT needed to report the fault earlier.


Community Team - TT Staff



Sorry for the delay. 


In relation to any compensation owed, the fault was fixed with the correct timescales (72 hours) as it was logged to us on the 9th and fixed on the 13th, unfortunately the 10th and 11th are non compensation days due to it being a weekend, (and openreach don't work then) so the Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th are with the timescales given to us by Openreach. 


I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by the fault. 

Wise Owl



Think my first post on this subject is dated 08/08/19 and mentions text messages on that date.

Perhaps the moral of this tale is- If an engineer call out might be needed, always schedule the work for the beginning of the week!