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Gfast not as advertised.

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Hi there,


The 16th of January an openreach engineer installed the Gfast service. He checked the state of the cables coming into my property, and although he said he may had to change them as they were in a bad state, he performed a few tests and he decided otherwise.


Nevertheless, I have been testing the speed of the line and I can't reach 100mbs downstream. I am happy with upload but I am not getting the full potential of this technology. 


Can anyone please explain why? All I am getting is 90-95 mbs. Thanks.


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi gerardozabala,


Your router is in sync at 160Mbps. Are you running the speed tests on a device connected to your router by Ethernet cable or wifi?


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Hi Chris,

I have run the tests using my mobile phone one foot away from the router. I do understand I will lose some speed with WI-FI but it shouldn't be that much. Anyway, I will use Ethernet tonight or tomorrow morning and I will report. Thanks.
You also have to consider what the link rate is between the mobile and the router.
My phone's WiFi link rate will not go above 135 Mbps no matter how close it is to the router, so that becomes the limiting factor where I am right now with a 200/200 FTTP service.
My laptop however negotiates a WiFi rate of 433 Mbps and speed tests are pretty much 190/190.
Community Team - TT Staff

OK thanks gerardozabala 🙂