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Google Mesh


Good afternoon,


I've got the TalkTalk Wifi Hub. Two wired connections leave the 'hub'. One goes to the first of three Google Mesh pods and the other goes to a NETGEAR 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch.


From the 'switch', there are multiple wired connections to TV's, computers etc. Note: the Switch is connected directly to TalkTalk and not to the Google pod. If I connect the switch to Google, it just doesn't work - no internet on any device. This is annoying because it means phones and TVs are on different networks which makes casting a pain. 


All wired connections are working well. However, wifi is all over the shop. We're facing incredibly slow speeds at times, sometimes it just drops and phones revert to 4G. Other times, it works perfectly. 


I believe my solution is to buy a Router that allows Bridge mode? Is that literally it and would that solve all my issues? I've seen the ASUS RT-AC66U_B1; is there anything else I would need or is there anything else you'd recommend?


My expertise in this area is non-existent, so please treat me like an idiot with your replies. 


Many thanks for reading,



Whizz Kid



The Asus RT-AC66U-B1 seems to be just a router so you would need a modem as well.