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Half guaranteed speed and phonecall from TT was rude


Although I've been on the Faster Fibre package for nearly a year, I'm consistently getting around 15mbps or below download speed, not the promised 35+.


How do we get something done about this mess?


Today I received an unsolicited call from TalkTalk informing me that they know about my poor speed (how do they know this and yet continue charging me for Fibre?) and that an engineer will need to come into my home to change my phone cables to fiber. Why has it taken so long for something to be done?  The call centre man said he wants to conduct tests on my computer and asked about the devices I use and wanted to book the engineer visit for tomorrow, today!


As it's too short notice I had to cancel, and I didn't have time or like the sound of conducting computer tests over the phone (after hearing about all the scams).


Can someone help with this whole mess, please? 


The man on the phone was very pushy and rude, asking all kinds of personal questions which I didn't feel he needed to know. 


Community Team

Hi @nightoftheddemons88


Ive checked your account and there is no indication of a call from anyone at TalkTalk, and the explanation given doesn't sound legitimate, You are on a fibre line,   we would never Call you to advise we have detected a fault, our ask you to install any software. 


Line tests have actually detected a potential fault, Are you experiencing any noise/interference when you use the landline? 

Thank you for responding.  It seems it was a scam call.  I hope they can't get access to my system even though I didn't go through the computer tests with the 'TalkTalk' scam caller.


The line does sometimes crackle, although I don't use it much.  The worst thing is the incredibly low speed.  I'm hardwired directly from the master socket, using the Sagem router, and still, nearly a year later on my old speeds.


Can TalkTalk replace my router with a fast one? 

Community Team

Hi nightoftheddemons88,


The sagem router is the latest router that we have 


How many telephone sockets do you have? What other devices do you have connected in addition to your router?


Does your master socket have a Test Socket



Hi Chris, it's a test socket and the only other device connected to it is the landline phone (via a splitter/filter).

Community Team

OK thanks.


I think it's worth trying a different router just in case there's a problem with yours, it will be the same make and model - would you like me to arrange this?


Yes, I think that might be worth a try.  Is the D Link not available?  I saw another forum member with same problem said it solved it to change makes.


I've just checked speed and this is happening again on a hardwired connection with no other devices even running!  I was promised (and paid for) 36mpbs+!



Mbps download


Mbps upload

Your Internet speed is very slow

Your Internet download speed is very slow. Web browsing should work, but videos could load slowly.

Community Team

Yes, I can send the D-link if you prefer, would you like me to arrange this?


Thank you, Chris - could you please send the most suited to fibre broadband router from D-Link you have available?  

Community Team

I've ordered the router, it should be with you within a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery


Thank you.  Will report on whether or not it fixes the issues.

Community Team