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Has there been a firmware fix for the following problems (FAST-5364)

First Timer

About a year ago I got sent a fast-5364 which I rapidly switched back to the original router for 2 main reasons:


A) 5G wifi would just drop periodically. Could then reconnect....till it dropped again. Incredibly annoying.


B) Static IP's were simply not found. I use a pi to do dns & dhcp as it allows me to change routers w/o having to redo all the lan settings etc.


Same ip segments (e.g. router on, pi on and all dhcp on .100+).

Ditto a Windows machine which had a static ip (i.e. was ip related no os (windows vs Linux). DHCP instances would be found but not static which was an unplug moment as I need to be able to ssh into my pi from outside the home & the router would simply not see it & thus no way to put in an ssh forward to it.


If there is a firmware update is it a plugin and wait or can I trigger the update myself?





Community Team - TT Staff

Hi aflinton,


We do have a new version of firmware for the wifi hub. If you connect the router back to the line then the firmware should hopefully update overnight. If it doesn't update then we can manually update this for you here, however the router would need to be connected to the line for us to update this.


Thanks 🙂