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Having to reboot router daily

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Having recently started to work from home because of the ongoing covid-19 problems, I have started using my broadband a little more than before.


I am experiencing a big problem though - I'm noticing that speeds randomly dwindle from 38mb/s to under 1mb/s.  The only way to cure it is to reboot the router which can take 2 or 3 reboots.  Things then return to the usual speeds until I have to reboot again, usually from a few hours later to next day, but daily.


I don't know how long this has been happening as I didn't tend to use the broadband much apart from for catch-up tv, but even watching iPlayer, YouTube etc I have noticed many times in the past couple of months that the connection simply randomly dies.


I'm having this issue on my wireless devices and my PC (using an Ethernet connection).


It's very frustrating.  Can someone please have a look for me please and see what the issue is?  The phone seems ok and the master socket is only about a year old having been fitted when we took the contract out last year.

Community Team - TT Staff



Following testing on this circuit all test are passing, and you are in sync at 40 MBPS, This seems a WiFi issue and currently have 8 devices which may cause issue, 

You could try to split the bandwidth which may help this way, you can connect different devices to different frequencies depending on what you're using them for. Please refer to help and support option on My account via link below


You can also check your connection in our Service Centre and if there’s a fault identified an engineer will be assigned for you:



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Sorry, but I'm still having the same issues after reading the help section you directed me to.


As I think I mentioned in my previous post, the same issues are happening with ethernet connections and I have literally, in the last 10 minutes, again tried with a desktop (Windows 10 Pro) and a laptop (Windows 8.1 Pro) both using a wired connection and am still experiencing the same issues - very slow internet.  Having just rebooted the router (again) things are now back up to normal speeds.


Yes, there are a few wireless devices which connect to the WiFi, but these are low bandwidth, i.e. mobile phones and a smart speaker which is used only for voice-control twice a day (lights on and off). Normally if the computer is in use the TV isn't, and the phones only poll for email manually.  The iPad is used by my elderly parents a few times a day to check BBC news.


I've reset the router to factory settings a few times and even changed channels so that any potential WiFi interference from the neighbours is kept to a minimum - there is only one other wireless router in range of my home and it's barely detectable, being a neighbour about 30m away, using Ch 1 - we are on Ch 11.


With all due respect I do not believe this is a WiFi issue because, as I have said, it also happens to wired connections - the behaviour of the connections is exactly the same, whether wired or wireless.  If your tests are showing 40Mb/s to the house then the problem is probably at the router as it's the router which is having to be rebooted all the time, and after which everything is fine for a time.


I really would like to get this sorted.  Is it possible to try another router?

Community Team - TT Staff



A router is on the way for testing.





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