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Home pc lost connection via TPLink cat5

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I have a Windows 8 pc connected Via TPLink cat5.


It has lost hard wired connection yesterday


If I ipconfig it gives


Auto configuration ipv4


Gateway blank


Nothing has changed,if I hover over taskbar on the network icon it says unidentified network .


If I try to ping hub

It comes back with reply from destination host unreachable?


Any ideas?


Sorry 8f not enough information


Thank you



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Your PC cannot detect any DHCP server on your network (obviously it is in the router, but your PC doesn't know that - it needs to broadcast out to find a server) and the 169.254 address has been allocated by Windows using APIPA, which is short for Automatic Private IP Addressing.


This TP-Link product, I assume it is a Power Line Adapter, what model is it & what lights are on it?


I also assume that you have the new TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub (Sagemcom Fast 5364), what is the state of the light on there?


When you ping the hub, you get a response from - what device is that?

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