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How do I contact customer services if my landline isn’t registered

First Timer

I’m trying to be patient here but today my internet subscription with Plusnet has been cancelled. I have been told I have been signed over to talktalk. I have never signed over to talk talk I was perfectly happy with Plusnet. I have never spoken to or had any communication with talk talk and yet a few days ago out of the blue a router arrived and I assumed it was a mistake. I am now quite frankly aghast that my internet is cut off. That I cannot call anyone to discus it because my landline isn’t registered. The complaints email address just blames a lack of response on covid19. Which didn’t seem to affect talk talks ability to steal my broadband account. I’m just astonished that there is no way to call customer services if my phone number isn’t recognised. 

Community Star

Plug a landline phone in and dial 17070 if it has a dialling tone, @Nathan11.


That will give you the currently assigned phone number.  If TT truly took over the Plusnet line, it may even be the same number. Somebody may have bungled an order for someone else....hopefully you'll get to the bottom of it. 


Complete your community forum profile details and put that number in, as well as a fallback mobile phone number. 


Staff on here can try to investigate. They'll need some identification from you.


Go via your avatar/name; settings; click the drop down menu that starts with "email"; in Personal Information put your phone numbers; put your address in Private Notes, and click save to finish. 


Staff may take a few days to reach your thread. 

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I am very sorry to hear this, one of the support team here will certainly look into this for you as best they can.


What puzzles me a wee bit is that if Plusnet had notice that you were leaving they never contacted you about that at all? Have you been in touch with them since? If you can glean any information from them it will help TalkTalk to try and work out what has happened.


Also, please dial 17070 from your landline and note what it says. Don't post any number on here, just give us the gist. 

First Timer

I did receive a communication from Plusnet but it got put aside as it was assumed it was a bill. Which I know how much it is. I have tried the 17070 and they’ve changed the landline number but it still doesn’t allow me to access customer services. Deep joy. I seem to have access to the router and the phone line but I haven’t set up the account so don’t know what email address was used to set it up so can’t access any online info other than here. So confused. 

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OK, make sure that landline number is posted in your personal profile and wait for the support team to respond. 

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Have done. Many thanks for your help.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Nathan11,


I'm so sorry to read about what's happened, I've sent you a PM so that we can look into this further.