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Need help?

How do I set up VPN server for remote access on my Router?

Team Player

Could you pls advise?


I need  to use a VPN connection to remotely access my home laptop when I'm away from home.


Apparently some routers would let you do this task.


Do you know how we can do this with the router provided by TalkTalk?


My sincere thanks,

Wise Owl

Which router do you have?


Also, what exactly are you trying to achieve? To access files on your home PC or so it is as if you are literally sitting in front of your home PC?


TBH you may be better off with a 3rd party solution like Teamviewer (free for non comercial use) or Cloudberry Remote Assistant (free regardless or whether commercial or not) because they are so much easier to set up.




EDIT: Sorry I should have also said I can talk you through the VPN thing if you want but will need to know what router you have for the port forwarding.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Lequynh78


Which router are you using? (make and model)


The routers should work ok with VPN, your IT department just need to set up the VPN client on the device you are using.