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How long does it take to activate the 'speed boost', once you add it to your account

First Timer


I've just renewed my faster fibre contract and added the speed boost to the account. Could you please advise how long it takes to become effective, have been various time from 30 mins to 2 weeks.

Community Team

Hi theclarkies 


Your line is showing in sync at 20mb.


What speeds were you receiving previously? (before adding the speed boost)


If your line was not already in sync at 40mb then adding the speed boost wouldn't increase the speed any further.





First Timer

Hi Debbie, I was getting 19 mbps prior to adding the speed boost, now getting 18.9. Small decrease I know but was lead to believe it would go up, hence opting to pay for the speed boost.

On live chat they said it could take upto 2 week to get the speed boost activated. When renewing contract and opting for speed boost they said by end of day.





Community Team

Hi Paul 


As your line was not already in sync at 40mb then adding the speed boost wouldn't increase the speed any further.


If you add a Fibre speed boost this is usually activated within 24hrs. I would suggest removing the speed boost.





Team Player

Firstly, I'm not understanding Debbie's Reply. I'm on Faster Fibre with the WiFi Router and get a constant 33Mb/s. I don't think my product offers or is able to get 40Mb/s?

So, my speed is fine, consistant and does not drop out, my phone line is crystal clear so as far as I'm aware I have no line or service issues. 5 days ago I added the speed boost so my expectations were for my speed to approximately double and the agent said this would take effect in 24hr. My speed is constantly exactly the same as before. When I log into my account, it also states the speed boost is active, so I presumed pretty quickly there was an issue.

Here's where the fun starts. My experience of TT Support is TERRIBLE. The first chat and test I had stated my service was fine but after 1 hour I was actually asked if my service was 'still down' which it never was to begin with and the Tec obviously never understood what the issue was. I've had other chats where suddenly the Tec says they have a resource problem in the office and ask me to call back in 3 hrs, I've been hung up on a couple of times and it seems no one can confirm if the actual physical (or software) change has been made? I suspect the order has been ticked as processed but the work has not been carried out. I'll give it 2 weeks and then cancel the speed boost because my internet and line work well enough without it.

*Just on a side note, 2 weeks ago York TalkTalk contractors laying fibre in the area dug through our local cable and knocked off a dozen houses in the street. When I reported this, after an hour of testing, the TT Tec insisted I had a router problem (even though I said I had no dial tone and I suspected it was the big hole at the end of the street) and insisted on booking an engineer visit to my home. Thankfully BT Openreach resolved the problem before the appoinment and I cancelled it. I do question the competancies of some remote engineers and after you speak to them a couple of times it becomes clear they do not deviate from a set script.

Community Team

Hi Greadman,


Please can you create your own thread and we can look into this further for you.