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How to order TalkTalk Openreach FTTP (Future Fibre)

Whizz Kid

You will note that I posted nearly 4 weeks ago that TT said they would ring me back with an answer. Well nobody has called me back. In the past I have always been happy to tell people that TT have looked after me, now if asked I will tell them how appalling the service is. Time to contact Tristia again I feel.


I went live on TalkTalk Full fibre 900 last week (Openreach FTTP 1000/115), very happy with the service so far! Any questions, fire away!


TalkTalk Business Full Fibre 900 -- Netgear RAX200
Community Star

Thanks for sharing @psychopomp1.  Do you find that you are using anywhere near that bandwidth? And the latency seems mediocre by comparison to the spectacular increase in throughput over most of us. 


Yes i'm often maxing out the line when i'm downloading GIS data for work which can be many TBs in size, usually very high resolution satellite imagery.


Re: latency, I'm never going to get single digit latency (even on FTTP) considering I'm in the Highlands. Latency of <10 ms is only possible if you live in/near London, irrespective of whether you have FTTC or FTTP.


Btw, its a TalkTalk Business FTTP line, no idea if Talktalk Residential are selling anything above 500 Mb/s right now. However at present, its the same Department in TT which is dealing with both Residential FTTP and Business FTTP so worth getting in touch with them. I'm paying £59.99/m (+vat) for a data only, FTTP 1000/115 service, TTB charge an extra £10/m for a voice service on top (copper based). They will be launching a VOIP solution over FTTP in late 2020 or early 2021, so I imagine TT Residential will follow suit. Also I've found the TalkTalk Wifi hub is a superb router, easily copes with Gigabit wired speeds. But its only wifi 5, so am currently using my Netgear RAX200.



TalkTalk Business Full Fibre 900 -- Netgear RAX200
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Aha, as a business user it makes more sense! Thanks again.